This fall the North Idaho real estate market is forging ahead!

The number of sold listings for September is up 16.4% over 2011, and pending sales are up 47.6% over September 2011. Since the number of year-to-date active listings (inventory) is down 7.3%, while sales are up 12.2%, that means . . .
the scales have definitively tipped! The market is recovering!

Icing on the recovery cake:
Average sales price up 3.36% over last year-to-date, $194,062 to $200,576. Once again this is largely due to the growing number of more expensive homes selling, but as anyone who has been looking for a good home in the entry-level market, up to about $140,000, can tell you: The competition is growing fierce!

It will be interesting to see if the elections have an impact on the housing market. The drama continues..

Plenty of prayers all around, for the poor souls in purgatory and those on the ground!